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More than 30 years of consulting & coaching in Canada and the U.S.

“Your daily agenda determines your success.”
-John Maxwell

Providing business owners with the tools to be in business for themselves NOT by themselves

Our Team

Rick MacLennan
  • Accredited Leadership Coach, Business Coach & Marketing Consultant
  • Business Succession Strategist
  • Former President of the Canadian Marketing Association
  • Former Regional Director for COX Target Media in Canada
  • Guest Lecturer at the University of Alberta, MacEwan University, the Edmonton Direct Marketing Association and Martech College
  • Thorough understanding of the franchise model
  • On the Roster of Consultants with the Business Development Bank
  • Founding Member John Maxwell Coaching Group
  • Volunteer teacher at CEED (Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development) in Halifax.

Panayiotis (Panos) Kantzilieris
  • Founding member of Sales Institute of Greece
  • Insurance Broker Intermediator, Coordinators SA, MQI Insurance Intermediary Qualification (Greece)
  • Professional Sales System (PSS III), Achiveglobal (Ethniki Asfalistiki AEEGA)
  • Specific applications-PSS III, Achiveglobal (Ethniki Asfalistiki AEEGA)
  • Seller funds, Hellenic Bank Association
  • Public Relations and Communication for Professionals – Business Chamber of Athens
  • Time Management and Quality relationship with the Market and Customer – Business Chamber of Athens
Charlie Moore

Charlie Moore joined MACINK in 2016 to provide Executive Assistance support for the team. She brings over 15 years of administrative experience to the table with expertise in scheduling, data input, and project coordination.Previously, Charlie worked in the finance department of The City of Fort McMurray, has had many successful small businesses of her own as well as having worked in the Education System.


Thanks for all your efforts with the strategy plan. It was a pleasure to meet and work with you on this project.

Medicine Hat

It was really great working with Rick- myself & my team gained a lot of insight from our time together. I'm excited to use the tools that we were given, and I know that we're already ahead of where we would have been, had we not had this coaching experience.


There sure has been a lot done here, all thanks to you. I am very excited about our 2016 and the years after that. We  have been able to start a wave that will only get bigger. We are going to need a bigger shop.

Amir Ahmadi
Wescana Industries

Really appreciate the positive attitude and helping us get focused in a certain direction. I think you laid things out very well, and [we] should most definitely be able to acquire the funding we need to implement our plan of attack. Well done!

Grant Hiebert
Mountain View Industries

It was a productive evening. You kept us focused on our goals even though we kept jumping from one moving target to another. You helped us to find out which route to choose and provided us with an action plan. We are grateful to you.

Hey Rick. It was so awesome working with you on our business! We are excited to see this business grow and it’ll be so much better thanks to your involvement

Gamers Fun Truck

Tell Rick, it’s his fault that I am too busy and I am not able to make today’s meeting. He has opened my eyes.


Thanks very much for your commitment to building better leaders in this world. We are so pleased that you were able to work with our people and I am excited to see what is next.

Upside Engineering

What you have learned (30-10-3-1) at your first job didn’t change even after 28 years. Thanks to Rick MacLennan, my trainer/sales mentor.

Alvin Chow
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