Leadership Training

The Project

To have a set of training options for your team that may be delivered over the lunch hour to help facilitate sustainable growth over a compressed time frame.

The Objective

  1. Provide attendees a value added skill set outside of their day to day responsibilities in their specific disciplines.
  2. Assist attendees while working with company clients in leadership and relationship interactions.
  3. Build a stronger team environment inside company.
  4. Help each attendee build the skills needed for them to expand their career choices inside the company.

The Course

1. The Law of the Lid

2. The Law of Influence

3. The Law of Process

4. The Law of Navigation

5. The Law of Addition

6. The Law of Solid Ground

7. The Law of Respect

8. The Law of Intuition

9. The Law of Magnetism

10. The Law of Connection

11. The Law of the Inner Circle

12. The Law of Empowerment

13. The Law of the Picture

14. The Law of Buy-In

15. The Law of Victory

16. The Law of the Big Mo

17. The Law of Priorities

18. The Law of Sacrifice

19. The Law of Timing

20. The Law of Explosive Growth

21. The Law of Legacy



Personalized training for executives
- $7,975 per person + GST (materials included)
- 27.5 hours of instruction

Executive Group

Group of 2 - 6
- $4,500 per person + GST (materials included)
- 22 hours of instruction


Group of 10 or more
- $1,500 per person + GST (materials included)
- 22 hours of instruction

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